Thursday, February 12, 2009

I was for my appointment before I was against it

Thus says Commerce Secretary Designate Judd Gregg in announcing his decision to withdraw from consideration to be part of the Cabinet of President Obama (PO).

It appears that the decision to wrest control of the Census away from the Commerce Department was the final straw for Gregg. Any claims that Gregg did not agree with the fiscal policy of PO and the stimulus/porkulus/spendulus Bill are unfounded as the socialization of the economy and plans to expand government were the hallmark of PO's campaign.

When asked for his reaction after the Gregg withdrawal, former Presidential candidate John Kerry said "I was against the appointment before I was for the appointment but now I'm against the appointment"

Speaker Pelosi refused comment saying "I have to worry about the mice in my District"

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  1. Krauthammer says there's 2 things that the Commerce Secretary gets of any importance. One is the Census and the other is the most beautiful salt-water fish tank in the Commerce Dept lobby.